Strategic Counsel

Cooley Public Strategies brings decades of experience and outside perspective to help executives – from small business owners to Fortune 100 companies – solve problems. We know how to define the big picture and develop strategies to help clients meet their goals.

Case Studies

Cooley Public Strategies provided strategic counsel for a renewable energy company interested in developing two new wind energy facilities in the same state in the South. Over a 45-day period, our team conducted extensive research that examined the political and regulatory obstacles facing the company. Additionally, we conducted interviews with 37 industry insiders, elected officials, opinion leaders, and stakeholders to gauge interest in the project and assess the situation on the ground. This granular political feasibility study resulted in an extensive evaluation of the two projects and a roadmap to position the project for success.

Cooley Public Strategies led a $3 billion infrastructure expansion project covering four southern states. The initial goal of the project was to obtain all critical permits. CPS developed a public affairs plan that included an analysis of the regulatory and political environments of the four states, an understanding of the influential individuals, associations, and organizations within the project footprint, and a strategy for building positive relationships with local decision makers across the 42-county project footprint. Our team developed messaging for the project, including online and print materials, talking points, holding statements and press releases. We provided training to company employees and contractors about how to communicate with landowners, the media, and the general public. CPS also developed an approach to public hearings that minimized the client’s exposure while satisfying permitting agencies and the media. Team members met with federal, state and local elected officials on behalf of the company to explain the project and address concerns. As a result, we succeeded in receiving all of the critical permits identified by the project team.

After a non-profit organization serving 32 counties in Alabama lost a 20-year founding executive director and lost a federal contract covering the majority of its operating expenses, CPS assisted in rebuilding internal trust in the organization and set the strategic direction of the non-profit for the next 10 years. We formed a committee charged with managing the leadership change and following transition, coached and supported the interim as he built relationships with the longstanding staff, worked with board members to identify ways to strengthen the board and organization at large, and led a nationwide search for a new executive director. This included seeking and vetting candidates, conducting preliminary interviews, providing suggestions to the board for interview questions, and facilitating the day-long interview process for final candidates. CPS later led a retreat for board members to identify their goals and purpose, strengthening their commitment to understand and serve the organization.